With the mega-success of Pizza Hut's Love Live! campaign, Lawson's has decided to do exactly the same thing.

Lawson's, one of the top 24 hour convenient stores in Japan, started their Kirin Beverage and Love Live! collaboration campaign. Having Love Live! attached to anything these days seems to be a guaranteed money maker for businesses. Like Pizza Hut, Lawson's entices loyal fans of Love Live! with special gifts and collectibles. They have a retweet campaign (must have heard about Pizza Hut's record breaking tweet mention numbers), and they even hand out 'limited edition collectors' receipts!' Yes, you heard right, receipts. Don't get too excited about the receipts yet though. Fans can only get these receipts at nine specific locations throughout Tokyo. No doubt many fans from all over Japan will be taking the bullet train to Tokyo to get their hands on these receipts. Special Love Live! snacks will also be sold at specific times on specific dates, and if you're really lucky, you might even win a Love Live! t-shirt! We're guessing they will probably be sold out within minutes though.

AND Love Live! songs will play in all Lawson's everyday for the duration of the campaign, again starting at specific times throughout the day.

Maybe 7-11 should do the same thing.