lawyer_newsToday, we uploaded all 16 episodes of Lawyers of Korea, a stylish, funny, warm-hearted tale of four people whose lives collide in a high-profile divorce case.

Han Min-Gook (Lee Sung Jae), a multi-billionaire, and Lee Ae-Ri (Han Eun Jung), a famous actress, have just attained a headline-making divorce. Now, Ae-Ri wants to sue her ex-husband for billions of dollars in alimony. Enter Woo Yi-Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung of Soulmate), a rookie lawyer who has just started her own practice. As one of Ae-Ri's closest friends in the past, when Yi-Kyung hears of the divorce she expects Ae-Ri to call her. Instead, Ae-Ri demands the best lawyer in the business from a major law firm to help her win against her husband. The law firm rushes in Byun Hyuk (Ryu Soo Young), a rising star specializing in divorce cases. Byun Hyuk who is none other than Yi-Kyung's ex-boyfriend.

Billionaire Min-Gook, meanwhile, not about to let his ex-wife have it all her way, hatches a plot to hire his wife's best friend to be his lawyer. He turns up one morning on Yi-Kyung's doorstep, demanding that she represent him. Soon, the ex-husband-and-wife and ex-lovers find themselves on opposing sides in the country's most famous court case. When Yi-Kyung begins to fall for her high-powered client and Byun Hyuk's relationship with Ae-Ri becomes a little closer than taste allows, the distance between the hearts, the wallets, and the professional ethics of these four people becomes increasingly difficult to judge.

Despite its less-than-compelling title (a pun on the main character's name: Dae Han Min Gook means "the democratic nation of the Great Han", or Korea) Lawyers of Korea is not, in fact, a legal drama at all, and the courtroom hardly figures in this entertaining story in which romance and relationships are its heart, center, and soul. Lawyers of  Korea is a drama lifted above average by all the small moments and the exquisitely-handled romantic scenes that pepper each episode. Lee Soo Kyun brings her usual vibrant, energetic presence (ably assisted by Han Eun Jung of Full House) to an exceptionally enjoyable ride. All's fair in love and alimony in this witty, fast-paced drama with a romantic heart.

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Also known as Lawyers of the Great Republic Korea.