Popular Korean actor Ji Jin Hee (BloodJewel in the Palace) has been injured on the set of Second to Last Love. While fans hope for the famous leading man's speedy recover, his serious injury is impacting the upcoming romance drama. What happened?

It's been reported that Ji Jin Hee was punched too harshly on the nose by a fellow actor while filming an action scene. The injury was so serious that it required surgery. Therefore, SBS has decided to postpone the new drama's broadcast from July 23 to July 30.

According to a SBS representative, "Ji Jin Hee suffered an injury while giving it his all for filming, and with the unanimous agreement of the production crew to give the actor time to heal, the premiere date was pushed back to July 30. We will try our best to bring viewers a drama of the highest quality, especially considering that the drama will air a week late."

Although Ji Jin Hee was the one who was hurt, he reportedly expressed concern for the co-star who hit him unintentionally.

In the meantime, fans are getting more and more excited about the upcoming drama. You may have heard "40 is the new 30," and in this drama you'll see Ji Jin Hee and his leading lady Kim Hee Ae get involved in an unexpected romance in their 40s and experience a new adolescent-like phase in their lives. Read more about it HERE.

The new drama also stars Kim Seul Gi (Oh My Ghostess), Kwak Si Yang (Mirror of the Witch), and Stephanie Lee (Yong Pal).

Second to Last Love premieres on DramaFever after the conclusion of Beautiful Gong Shim on July 30. Add it to your queue now!


Second To Last Love

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