There's always time to learn something new, no matter the time or place. With that in mind, a Japanese company specializing in using graphics to educate people on human physiology created a whole deck of cards decorated with human muscle physiology. So you can play poker with your friends, and while you're cleaning them out, you can learn about the human body.

If playing cards isn't the perfect time to learn about the human body, when is? With this new deck of cards developed by Round Flat, anybody can do exactly that. All 54 cards (including the jokers) in this deck are represented by various muscles in the human body. While looking at your hand in a poker game, for example, you can learn about what muscles are where and what functions they have in your body. The muscles are identified in both English an Japanese, so you can even study language while you study biology!

In this busy world we all live in, where time is literally money, this novel deck of cards, which goes for a little over 30 dollars, is really more than just a gimmick. Knowledge is power, and if you can pick up that knowledge while waiting to throw down a full house, you've succeeded in maximizing your time. Besides, how perfect is a winning hand of muscle cards when you're dominating your friends in a game of who's better?


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