The true art of eating sushi is a craftsman-like skill that only a few have mastered. Luckily, there's a new video showing us clueless sushi eaters how to eat the delicious delicacy without any unnecessary spillage or mistakes. The video takes you through the process, which is part balancing and part concentration, and surprisingly involves ditching your chopsticks entirely.

We're betting that you will be shocked at how easy eating sushi is if done with the proper technique. Check out this step-by-step guide to eating the tasty dish.

Avoid what we call the 'stab and hope,' where you just stab the sushi and hope you grabbed all of it.

Another mistake is putting the rice first in the sauce because you will have a lot of lost rice soldiers.

This one is downright anarchy. The old window washing technique has never worked for anybody.

The most important step is to throw away the chopsticks and use your hands to dunk the sushi with the rice facing up.

Then put the sushi in your mouth with the fish side down. That way you'll keep any rice from straying.

We promise you will then be as happy as this man.