Anyone can learn Korean, but it does take time and effort. While I wouldn't say "it's easy to learn Korean," I also wouldn't say "it's hard to learn Korean" either. Speaking of which, let's learn a simple lesson about how to say "easy to" and "hard to" in Korean. Check out the video below, and follow along with the written lesson!

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Although using romanization (writing Korean using the English alphabet) is not a suitable crutch, I've included it in this lesson in brackets for those of you who haven't started learning the Korean language yet. If you've already started learning the Korean language, I'd strongly recommend avoiding romanization.

Easy to:

Verb Stem + 기(가) 쉽다

[Verb Stem + gi(ga) ship-da]

To say that something is easy to do, take an action verb stem, and attach 기 [gi], then optionally you can add the Subject Marker 가 [ga]. Then add 쉽다 [ship-da], which means “to be easy.”

한국어 배우기가 쉬워요. [han-gug-eo bae-u-gi-ga sui-uo-yo]

It’s easy to learn Korean.

요리하기가 아주 쉬워요. [yo-ri-ha-gi-ga a-ju sui-uo-yo]

It’s very easy to cook.

하기가 쉽지 않아요. [ha-gi-ga ship-ji an-a-yo]

It’s not easy to do it.

Hard to:

Verb Stem + 기(가) 어렵다

[Verb Stem + gi(ga) eo-ryeop-da]

To say that something is hard or difficult to do, take an action verb stem, and attach 기 [gi], then optionally 가 [ga]. Then add 어렵다 [eo-ryeop-da], which means “to be hard,” or “to be difficult.”

한국어로 빨리 말하기가 정말 어려워요. [han-gug-eo-ro bbal-li mal-ha-gi-ga jeong-mal eo-ryeo-uo-yo]

It’s really hard to speak quickly in Korean.

차가운 스테이크를 먹기가 어려워요. [cha-ga-un seu-te-i-keu-leul meok-gi-ga eo-ryeo-uo-yo]

It’s difficult to eat cold steak.

책을 쓰기가 어려워요. [chek-eul sseu-gi-ga eo-ryeo-uo-yo]

It’s hard to write a book.

You can also use this form for other things as well, such as with the descriptive verb 무섭다 [mu-seop-da], which means “to be scary.”

Afraid to:

Verb Stem + 기(가) 무섭다

[Verb Stem + gi(ga) mu-seop-da]

공포 영화 보기가 무서워요. [gong-po yeong-hwa bo-gi-ga mu-seo-uo-yo]

I’m afraid to watch horror movies.

공포 영화 [gong-po yeong-hwa] means “horror movie.”

You can also actually use any descriptive verb (adjective) here, which you can use to describe whatever action that you want.

공부하기가 지루해요. [gong-bu-ha-gi-ga ji-ru-hae-yo]

Studying is boring.

The verb 지루하다 [ji-ru-ha-da] means “to be boring,” such as something is boring (and not to say that you're "bored").

If you have any questions for me, you can comment below this article. I love teaching Korean, and I'd love to help you.

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