Ko Eun Su, a chocolatier in Seoul, created an extremely cute and sweet way to support students during their college entrance exams. He created boxed chocolates with math equations printed on them, which he sells in his shop, Piaf Artisan Chocolatier. Each box even comes with a small booklet that explains each equation!

Customers have been loving the little mathematical treats, and Mr. Ko stated: "I hope I can bring a smile to their faces as they get themselves prepared for the exams." Boxes of chocolates can be purchased in the following sets: four for $12, nine for $24, and fifteen for $38.

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(All Photos Credit: Piaf Artisan Chocolatier)

Chocolate is always good, but seeing these formulas just totally stressed me out! Let's just say math wasn't my best subject. Would you be happy receiving one of these little chocolate math sets as a gift?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE