Why am I always writing about why you shouldn't do certain things to TEEN TOP?! What is it that makes these fan girls wild out and wanna throw their underwear at them—and now won't stop prank calling Niel?! So the other day Niel had to actually get on his twitter account and tell these crazies to stop calling him! Apparently he's been getting tons of prank calls, and it's driven him to the point of addressing the situation directly. So in his tweets he was trying not to come off too mean, but at the same time he was just like, look, you need to stop calling me. You're calling me early in the morning, late at night and you're really making me upset and annoyed.


I've always considered Niel to be the little brother I've always wanted because he's just totally fabulous with lush hair, pouty Jolie lips, and eyes like a lovely camel. He's also pretty young, as is the rest of TEEN TOP, so I don't know why some of these fan girls are going all out to get their attention. Like, read a book, or better yet go to sleep instead of calling Niel at all hours of the night. Sorry to break it to you, but he doesn't want to talk to you. I applaud you for being crafty enough to attain his digits, but you're not the one he wants to talk to soo STOP. (-_-) Also I know its hard to change numbers but since it seems out of control, it may be beneficial if Niel just gets a new number to cut all that mess right out. What do you think? Should Niel forget about taking it to Twitter and just change his number? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: