Lee Bo Young and husband Ji Sung recently ranked #1 in a poll of which celebrity couple netizens most wanted to see as costars. When asked about the results in an interview, however, Lee Bo Young said that she isn't interested in costarring with her husband any time soon. Why not?

In the September 20 episode of MBC's Section TV, Lee Bo Young explained, "I wouldn't be able to commit to the character because his face makes me laugh." She then went on to joke, “Why are you trying to take away my romance in the screen? I’ll see Ji Sung at home and have my own fun outside with someone else," eliciting laughter. I love how she and Ji Sung always seem to be laughing together!

When asked which actor she would like as a male costar, she started to answer with "In the recent drama..." but then cut herself off, saying that the age difference between them was too big and that it would spark too many articles.

Who do you think she had in mind? Even if Lee Bo Young couldn't keep a straight face, wouldn't it be fun to watch her filming with Ji Sung? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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