Audience have praised Ji Sung's superb and fascinating acting in his role with 7 distinct personalities on Kill Me, Heal Me. However,  Ji Sung recently revealed a stunning incident involving his wife, Lee Bo Young, who actually sneaked into the filming site to watch him play Ah Yo Na.

On March 17 there was a Kill Me, Heal Me post-show media day held in Seoul. Ji Sung reflected on the challenges in playing Cha Do Hyun with 7 personas. Teenager Ahn Yo Na was considered the most dangerous persona by Do Hyun himself in Kill Me, Heal MeJi Sung revealed that his wife, Lee Bo Young, wanted to see how he played the teenage girl who was also a fervent idol fan.

Apparently Lee Bo Young sneaked into the crowd of 500 to 600 spectators and watched Ji Sung perform as Yo Na in the scenes where he was running on the street, wearing the teenager's pink outfit.

However, when Lee Bo Young saw him running as Yo Na in the pink uniform, she felt so embarrassed for him, their head of household, that she cried.

Ji Sung said, “It was embarrassing running in front of so many people, but I thought ‘It’s acting. Concentrate,’ and ran.” He also said, “After seeing the Yo Na scene, Lee Bo Young started bringing me lunch and treating me better.”

I like Ji Sung's attitude. Ji Sung made all 7 of Cha Do Hyun's personas come vividly alive and impressed the audience everywhere. He and Hwang Jung Eum took Kill Me, Heal Me to top ratings in South Korea for their excellent performance and romantic scenes, along with its uniquely thrilling story. Lee Bo Young should be very proud of her husband. No wonder she sent a food truck to the crew at their filming site.

How about you? What do you think about Ji Sung's performance? Have you watched Kill Me, Heal Me?

~ NancyZdramaland

Source via: 12