G.I._JOE_Retaliation Earlier this week, SBS's One Night Of TV Entertainment delivered a real treat, interviewing equal parts handsome-and-talented Lee Byung Hun, who's gearing up for his science fiction action film G.I. Joe 2, starring Bruce Willis and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. During the interview, he shared his prideful roots, stating, "I could have used an English name, but I didn’t. I thought that the Korean viewers would be prouder of me if I used my own name, even if the films were made in the US.” Keeping the mood light on set, the actor also joked that he enjoyed watching the American crew have trouble pronouncing his name. He continued, "The American staff and actors treat me better now. I feel proud because I think it means that they have acknowledged my acting skills.” The film will open in the US on March 28, 2013. Will you be catching G.I. Joe 2 when it hits theatres?