Father-to-be Lee Byung Hun is so overjoyed about the upcoming birth of his child that he planned the whole baby shower for his wife. Lee Min Jung, who is 7 months pregnant, enjoyed the sweet party overseas, according to media outlet Newsen.

"I heard they held a baby shower in the U.S. recently," close associates of the couple said. "Lee Byung Hun planned it for Lee Min Jung, who is currently pregnant."

Their bundle of joy is due in April. Min Jung plans to give birth in her homeland of South Korea. She will return home around the Lunar New Year, February 19.

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After being blackmailed for allegedly cheating on his wife, the IRIS actor is definitely trying to make it up to her in a big way. The court case probably took a toil on the Sly And Single Again actress, and he is making sure mommy and baby relax until the birth.

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