Actor Lee Byung Hun is officially the FIRST Korean actor to be turned into a doll by Hong Kong's Hot Toys! The company has previously manufactured figurines from blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, The Dark Knight Rises and other major Hollywood films. Lee Byung Hun's agency announced that the famed character doll producer will manufacture his character in the Hollywood action blockbuster, GI Joe: Retaliation. Lee's character is Storm Shadow and the Storm Shadow doll stands at 30cm (11.8 inches), donned in a white ninja bodysuit. An extra attachable head and other add-ons will be sold along with the doll. The high-end collectible production company will release the dolls in Korea next year. Lee Byung Hun is starring alongside Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller, and the movie is to be released next month! Would you buy the Storm Shadow collectible? (Source: