What a hotness overload! Actors Lee Byung HunKang Dong Won, and Kim Woo Bin confirmed roles in the film MasterMaster is an action thriller about three men involved in a fraud case — a crime intelligence analyst, a hustler, and the brains behind the hustler — who trick one another to accomplish their goals.

Kang Dong Won plays Kim Jae Myung, an experienced team leader of detectives and crime intelligence analysts determined to capture Jin Hwe Jang.

Lee Byung Hun stars as President Jin. President Jin, head of the fraud group One Network, is a charming, charismatic hustler who always gets a way out.

Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jang Goon. As the story goes on, Park Jang Goon, the brain behind President Jin and One Network, is conflicted about whose side he would be on: the police or President Jin.

Master is the second film of The Technicians director Jo Yi Seok. Are you excited for this all-star cast?

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