leebyunghun_leeminjung Rumors surround Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung yet again, as sources claim they have planned an overseas trip together. According to Lee Min Jung's agency, although it is true that the actress has left for United States due to an advertisement shooting, it was with her manager and they have no information regarding whether or not Lee Byung Hun and she had met. However on a English forum, it was reported by a netizen that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were on a trip together in Las Vegas. Lee Min Jung's agency kept things under-the-rug and said that it can only reveal that the actress has gone overseas for commercial shooting and she has the freedom to meet whomever she wants as long as her scheduled meetings are fulfilled. Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung is overseas working on her new advertisement, and Lee Byung Hun is also overseas but he is filming and promoting a Hollywood movie, G.I. Joe 2. Do you think their trips were deliberately planned together? (Source: www.news.nate.com)