allin_newsWhen an ex-convict and an ex-nun fall in love, what happens? Find out in All In, a classic Korean drama led by superstars Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo. Byung Hun as an enigmatic gambler and Hye Kyo as a beautiful, independent casino dealer light up the screen with their intense chemistry. Dark, brooding, deeply romantic, well-shot, spanning time and several continents, this drama is one not to miss. Raised by his uncle, a professional gambler, In Ha (Lee Byung Hun) grows up learning how to cheat at cards. After meeting and falling for Soo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) as a teenager, he begs his uncle to help her father pay off his gambling debts. Her father is instead killed by gangsters during the process, and when In Ha sets fire to the gangsters' warehouse to avenge his death, he unintentionally kills someone. At eighteen, he is sent to jail for arson and manslaughter. Soo Yeon, meanwhile, taken in by the church, attempts to become a nun. Seven years later, In Ha is released, and manages through his mob connections to get a job at a high-end casino... where he runs into none other than Soo Yeon, who has left behind the church and become a casino dealer. Hopelessly entangled with the mob, the casino underworld, and his own dark history, In Ha will have to go "all in" and risk everything he has to keep the woman he loves at his side. Watch All In now!