Even those who have been living under a rock most likely know of Psy and his inescapable hit “Gangnam Style”. Well, Psy’s new full length album will be coming out soon and you will want to keep your eye out for it…regardless of whether you like his music or not! Why? His upcoming music videos will be featuring some big time stars, including oppa Lee Byung Hun!

Coming out sometime next month, Psy’s (Park Jae Sang) eighth full length album will be releasing and with it some much anticipated music videos! While his 2012 mega hit “Gangnam Style” made Psy a global phenomenon, we are curious to see what this next album has in store.

However, it is not the music that has some Korean entertainment fans excited! According to YG Entertainment it appears that actor Lee Byung Hun will be staring in one of Psy’s new music videos. While the nature of Lee Byung Hun’s role in the video has yet to be announced, any chance to see one of our favorite oppas on screen is welcome!

Psy and Lee Byung Hun are reportedly close friends and attend each other’s events when they can. Psy attended Lee’s “Red” premiere in Los Angeles back in 2013 and that same year Lee attended one of Psy’s concerts.

It was also reported that Apink’s Son Naeun, will be featured in another one of Psy’s songs. 

With major celebrities having graced his past music videos, we can’t wait to see the full roster of stars who will be making an appearance in Psy’s newest album!

Are you excited to see Lee Byung Hun in the upcoming music video? Let us know your thoughts below! 


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