Child actress Lee Chae Mi looked so cute during the recent press conference for KDrama Two Weeks (starring Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun). She brought all the teddy bears and unicorns with her, making her cute style shine above the rest of the cast.

Wearing a simple cream colored dress, she jazzed it up with a string of pearls around her neck and gold sandals complete with accent bows.

Lee Chae Mi plays Seo Soo Jin, the sick daughter of Lee Jun Ki’s character Jang Tae Sun, who’s in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. With the transplant date set in “two weeks,” and the recent events of Jang Tae Sun's life taking a major turn for the worse, will he be able to save his daughter?!

I know it totally sounds like a cliché movie intro but I’ve been watching this drama, and so far it’s out of this world action packed and involves an intriguing storyline that will for sure have you yelling at your screen! I’ve yelled like 500x now (-_-).

Don’t worry it just started so you can catch right up with the series by clicking HERE.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE