Actress Lee Chung Ah has recently admitted to being in a relationship with a fellow actor whom she first encountered while filming for tvN drama, Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Can you guess who the lucky guy is? It's none other than Lee Ki Woo, the long-legged actor who played the part of a very sleepy man who fell head-over-heels for Lee Chung Ah's character. Although the love was one-sided in the drama, the real life Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah have shared a mutual interest for one another ever since. The two, who also share many interests including both being part of a celebrity ski team, A11, admitted to being in a relationship since the beginning of this year. They released a joint comment, "We are currently seeing each other with good heart." Most recently, Lee Chung Ah tweeted, "Hehe..♡ I think the weather is especially nice today. A breeze, beam of sun, and even the leaves blowing in the wind... I thank God for all of them. I hope everyone has a great day, thank you ♡." leechungah_leekiwoo Could all the happiness and hearts be due to the new boy in her life? Ah, Spring love! Congratulations Lee Chung Ah and Lee Ki Woo! (Source: www.news.nate.com)