[caption id="attachment_32456" align="alignleft" width="357" caption="Lee Da Hae"][/caption] Lee Da Hae apologized to Filipino fans after an episode of the variety show Sweet Night emerged on YouTube in which the actress appeared to imitate her idea of a Filipino English instructor's accent. The video has angered some Filipinos, who called Lee's performance racist. After apologizing for the "misunderstanding," Lee defended her appearance, blaming botched subtitles for turning her "Southeast Asian" impression into a specifically Filipino one. She also implied that since her conversation was meant to be light-hearted, viewers should not have taken offense. You can see the offending clip here. If you can't wait for Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Marry Me, Mary and Mary Skipped the Curfew), check out an extended preview of Moon Geun Young's new trendy drama here. And after Taecyeon claimed that Moon could hold her alcohol amazingly well in a recent interview, she got on TV and explained her secret to not getting drunk--just fake it! Playful Kiss's mini-episodes on YouTube have enticed more than half a million viewers, and garnered over 3,400 comments--a record for a video in YouTube's "Entertainment" category. 7 episodes are uploaded every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and each bite-sized Kiss is about 10 minutes long. IRIS's Kim Sun Hwa, played by Kim So Yeon, is confirmed to make an appearance in the spinoff Athena: God of War. Exactly how the Northern intelligence expert will make her dramatic entrance is still top secret. Finally, next year's Dream High has snagged two acting newbies from Kpop royalty to make their drama debuts-2PM's Woo Young and Suzy from Miss A.