Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae was recently sued by production company Ocean Films for $360 million Won. Why? Because she backed out of her contract with them on the historical-spy flick "Coffee" (where Kim So Yeon has now taken her place). According to Ocean Films, Lee Da Hae had signed a contract with the company and given 100 million Won as a "deposit" to appear in the film. However, she decided to back out and join the drama "Ripley" instead. (Costarring Micky Yoo Chun and Kim Seung Woo.) Lee Da Hae's side claims that she never received a penny from the company, and that she had only signed an informal contract. Nothing was ever set in stone in the first place. She decided to leave the project when filming for "Coffee" kept getting delayed. Unsure of when it was ever going to start production, she moved on. Lee Da Hae has constantly been in the news for her behavior - whether it is backing out on projects, quitting midway, or even being outspokenly harsh on her critics. I personally feel bad for her; honesty has always seemed to backfire on her, and if she thought the project was going to fall apart, why stick around for it? What do you think? Is suing her over this matter justified? Or is she just another victim of production companies and media outlets painting her in a bad light? I'll just go back to happier times - like watching My Girl instead. source: Seoul NTN