leedahae On Mnet’s entertainment news QuickTalk, former H.O.T member Moon Hee Joon interviewed Lee Da Hae about her taste in men and her secrets for keeping herself so beautiful. Lee Da Hae said that when she sees guys, she looks for angelic eyes with red lips. However, she doesn’t care about heights. She said that “one’s height is meaningless”—good news for not-too-tall guys.

What struck Moon Hee Joon comes with the next question. When she was asked about her good looks, she humorously said that she did some “remodeling”—meaning she underwent plastic surgery—and that she used to be fat.

In case people wonder what she was like before the "remodeling": leedaehae_before What do you think of Lee Da Hae’s before/after looks? (Source: www.enews24.interest.me)