Lee Dong Gun guest-starred on a radio show Jo Yoon Hee hosts and revealed juicy details on first kiss, wedding proposal, and upcoming baby nicknamed Ho Ppang! Scroll down to read!

“I didn’t plan on sharing Mr. Lee Dong Gun's voice here. But he’s always wanted to be on radio,” Jo started off Jo Yoon Hee’s Turn Up the Volume on Tuesday. “He’s not getting paid. I guest-starred him as a host.”

“Hello, I’m Jo Yoon Hee’s husband Lee Dong Gun,” the actor chimed in. He had been sitting next to her stroking her head in the studio.

When asked about their first kiss off the screen, both said simultaneously, “in the car.”

Jo Yoon Hee said she fell for him because he’s “caring. I don’t care about the looks. He visits me in the studio and treats me to food all the time.”

Lee had realized that he liked her when he texted her last December. They were colleagues back then.

When asked about the most memorable event of the year, Lee Dong Gun said, “that we’re having a baby,” to which Jo agreed.

Lee then confessed that he hasn’t proposed to her yet. “I proposed in (Laurel Tree Tailors) but not yet in real life.”

Their upcoming baby’s nickname is Ho Ppang, which is the same as that of their baby in Laurel Tree Tailors! The couple agreed to support the child should they pursue acting like themselves.

Lastly, Lee picked a sweet love song for his wife, Yoon Jong Shin’s Can’t Live Without You, which you can check out below!

Early March, Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee acknowledged relationship after paparazzi photos. Earlier this month, they revealed the pregnancy news and marriage plans. They might marry as early as August.

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