There's never been much doubt in my mind that Lee Dong Wook is one of the most perfect men on the planet, and it looks like the new role he plays in Bubblegum as a caring doctor who loves helping other people is perfect for him. Look at these drama stills and tell me he isn't the man of your dreams! 

Here he is just making women fall in love with him by tending their pain with his gentle hands. 

And the reason he's so good at it is because he happens to be a successful doctor. What girl hasn't dreamed of marrying a wealthy and brilliant man in a medical profession? Doesn't he look nice in a doctor's coat?  

Did I mention that he loves kids? Here he is playing on set with the child actor who portrays him in the drama. Be still my heart! 

And in case you didn't already realize how sweet and adorable Lee Dong Wook is, look at him trying to blow a bubble! 


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