Actor Lee Dong Wook told the fans that his confidence dropped after Goblin. He says he dealt with withdrawal symptoms from the Goblin fame, according to the actor on V Live’s "Lee Dong Wook On the Air."

“I was getting a lot of interest, attention, and love from people, which now have diminished. I think I’m going through Goblin withdrawal symptoms. I’m thinking hard about what to film next and how to live now that I’m 37,” Lee said.

Though the actor admits these feelings are productive, he is wary of the fans worrying for him.

“Honestly, I’m hesitant to say all of this in front of my fans because, regardless, fans want to see me healthy, safe, and happy. But I’m human too, and I can’t stay on top forever,” Lee said, adding that it feels good to vent out his thoughts.

On Wednesday, High Cut shared Lee’s pictures and plans after Goblin. He wants to play a character that is totally the opposite of what he played in Goblin.

“I feel like I’m burying myself repeatedly playing the same characters,” He said. “I’ve only played a second generation conglomerate twice in My Girl and Scent of a Woman. But many people thought I’ve played a rich boy a lot … I think I should’ve been more careful. After Goblin, I received a lot of offers to film fantasy-genre shows. After deliberation, I declined them all. Next time, I want to film a truly realistic character.”

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Photo courtesy of High Cut

Source: Korea Daily

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