Many fans of the hit drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God will agree that Lee Dong Wook is doing a fantastic job portraying the Grim Reaper. So it might just come as a shock to many to find out that Lee was at first rejected multiple times from the role! However, having fallen in love with the character after reading the script, Lee Dong Wook would not take "no" for an answer and his persistence paid off, to the happiness of adoring fans! Why was Lee Dong Wook rejected so many times and what finally got him cast as grim reaper? Keep reading to find out just what he had to do to get the role!

Actor Lee Dong Wook has been in many leading roles in dramas like Wild RomanceBlade Man, and Bubble Gum, but when he read the script for Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, it was as if he knew he needed to be in it.

However, Goblin's writer Kim Eun Sook had different plans that didn't involve Lee Dong Wook playing the Grim Reaper. This led her to reject Lee and his company's inquiries into the role. Nevertheless, even after being rejected multiple times by Kim, Lee Dong Wook still did not give up trying.

In an even greater effort, Lee Dong Wook's management company's CEO personally got in touch with Kim Eun Sook in the hopes of getting him the part, but she rejected Lee once again, stating that he did not fit the image she had in mind for the grim reaper. 

However, even this development did not stop Lee Dong Wook from being hopeful as he persisted to pursue the role. After Kim Eun Sook’s response, Lee's CEO gave up, but Lee kept asking to meet up with the writer face-to-face.

Finally, after being granted his meeting with writer Kim Eun Sook, he got his wish! We don't know what was said to change her mind, but Lee was able to convince Kim Eun Sook that he was the right man to play the part of the grim reaper in the drama. Lee's persistence certainly can't be overlooked!

After getting the role he worked so hard for, Lee continued to work endlessly to get ready for his part. And it really shows!

It is honestly hard to imagine a better actor than Lee Dong Wook playing the grim reaper in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. His acting is truly fun to watch as he brings the Grim Reaper's character to life!

Are you relieved that Lee Dong Wook pushed so hard to be the grim reaper? Let us know your thoughts!


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