Lee Dong Wook recently posed for Cosmopolitan Men magazine, and looked sexy doing it, of course! Channeling the gods of the fall season, he showed out in warm tones and mixed prints. Most importantly, he made plaid prints look chic and cool. Gone are the days of Urkel and the Brawny man giving plaid a bad name. Lee Dong Wook proves you can wear plaid without having to be a nerd, woodsman, or filled with “Teen Spirit.”

He also proves that not being afraid of color is essential to anyone who wants to raise their hotness level. I absolutely adore the wine colored plaid pants and greyish/blue sweater he’s wearing with the blue shoes! On top of that he has a matching hat and bag which totally make me want to roll through a pile of orange leaves and crash into a pumpkin! I also think I really like this particular outfit because to me it’s unisex. I can totally see a girl wearing this exact outfit!

Meanwhile, down by the lake, he sits with a random golf club. Look how tight those pants are against his thighs. ^_^

That really can't be a comfortable seat, can it?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE