Lee Dong Wook got candid with Elle Taiwan.

For the March issue, the Goblin star was featured in a trendy clothing spread with a sporty touch. During his casual photo shoot with Elle Taiwan, he discussed what sparked his interest in acting, journey after his debut and life behind-the-scenes.

The acting bug bit him on a trip to his local movie theater. "I watched a movie at a theater, and suddenly, I wondered what it would be like for my face to fill up that big screen. My peers frequently suggested that I become a celebrity, so I wanted to try."

However, life in the limelight wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. He feels the pressure every time he starts a new project. "Acting got more and more difficult after I became an adult. I'm getting more and more stressed from it... I feel that acting is difficult every time I start a new project."

Nonethless, Lee has made some wonderful friends throughout his career. He boasts about the great working environment they had on the set of Goblin and insists he's still close friends with the cast. He assures us that the staff maintained a strong bond as well.

The 36 year-old star acknowledges that he saves his emotions for his on-screen roles. "I think I've become very unemotional lately. I haven't had big laughs or tears. But I think the last time I laughed a lot was when I saw my nieces. The last time I cried is probably 2 years ago. I don't cry often if it's not for acting."

Honesty is an admirable quality in our favorite actors. Fans can't wait to see him return to the screen. What type of project would you love to see Lee Dong Wook star in next?

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