Lee Dong Wook has a special treat for fans! The Goblin actor wants to make the wait for his next TV series or movie a little easier by starring in a popular singer's music video. 

Former SISTAR member Soyou (aka Soyu) is featuring him in the video for her new song "Typical Breakup". Lee promised to be a part of her comeback MV to repay her for making a guest appearance at his Asian fan meeting tour, and he's keeping his promise. The song, which is a pre-release from Soyou's first solo album, is a collaboration with veteran singer Sung Si Kyung and releases on November 16. Promotional photos of the 36-year-old actor were shared online today to get everyone excited for this upcoming mini project.

Check out the video on Starship Entertainment's YouTube Channel when it releases.

In addition to the MV, Lee Dong Wook has been hosting his own radio show called Lee Dong-wook's On the Air on V Line, and he appeared in OnStyle's promotional web series Love Is

What type of project do you want to see Lee in next? Who do you want him to couple up with? 


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