leeeunsung Actress Lee Eun Sung releases a post regarding her marriage with the legendary rock star, Seo Tae Ji, via Official Fan Cafe. The statement reads:
"Hello this is Eun Sung. It's been a while since my last greetings. I'm sorry for not updating you guys for so long. How have you guys been? It must have been shocking to hear that I was getting married, but I was also surprised to receive so much support. Because of the support, I was able to happily carry on with my life with a lovable person and my adoring family. Thank you so much. It's surprising that it has been almost 3 years since my last project. During that time, I've been diligently studying and travelling a lot. And in that not-so-short time I've learned, and felt many things. Dreaming of  having a happy family of my own, I decided to get married. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have been supporting me all throughout. I want to stay dedicated to taking care of my family for now but I will make a comeback when the opportunity comes. I will live happily."
The actress ended her statement by releasing two pictures (including the one above) taken during her vacation showcasing her mischievous side to her fans. From my perspective, the post seems to be in response to the buzz surrounding the hasty marriage proposal. After all, Seo Tae Ji has already been making the headlines with his last failed marriage. Nonetheless, I hope the two are happy and are not moved by such daunting reports. (Source: Nate)