FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and actress Han Bo Reum are the second couple confirmed to date this week, followed by MissA’s Min and G.Soul!

Last night, Lee Hong Ki shared the happy news on his radio show, Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio. “Some things are difficult to bring up. Sometime I worry about how my words would sound (to others). Everything aside, wouldn’t true feelings be enough? Whether it’s good, bad, or difficult, I’ll share them with you,” Lee Hong Ki told his fans on the radio. He continued, “Maybe you’ve heard of this in the news, but I won’t be so lonely this winter after all. I’m a bit embarrassed, but many of you are rooting for me.”

Earlier in the day, he shared through his agency that he’s seeing the gorgeous actress Han Bo Reum. The two got closer through filming and bowling together. Lee Hong Ki has challenged himself to a professional bowling game with Kim Soo Hyun last month (More about that here).

Back in August, Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum had dismissed the dating rumors, saying they’re just friends who met through Modern Farmer.

Congratulations, Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum!

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