ftisland_hongki Lee Hong Ki made a public apology for speaking out about CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun's ear surgery. When appearing on the show, Radio Star, on May 22nd, FT Island's Lee Hong Ki expressed deep apologies for talking rashly about Lee Jong Hyun's ear surgery and said, "FT Island and CNBLUE both hold pride in not having any surgery done and I thought differently about ear surgeries. It could have been a complex for Jong Hyun but I couldn't think that far." Lee Hong Ki continued and said that Jong Hyun had found out through his father who told Jong Hyun that he had risen up to the number one searched name in real-time charts. Although the two idol singers patched out their miscommunication personally, Hong Ki sent a letter to Jong Hyun on the show and said, "I'm sorry to Jong Hyun's father. I was only thinking about myself. I will make sure that things like this won't happen again." (Source: Nate)