Lee Hong Ki loves Park Shin Hye, not her image.

On yesterday's broadcast of Kiss The Radio, the Modern Farmer actor was welcomed to his new radio DJ gig by his good friend Park Shin Hye. The Doctor Crush actress happily joined her celebrity buddy after the F.T.Island member gave her the most down-to-earth introduction ever. "She is a South Korean actress, but to me, she is a girl who is a friend. Nothing more, nothing less."

Of course, the lovely star still stunned in the studio wearing her usual cheerful grin and casual attire. The whispering between the pair solidified their coveted best friend status. You can always tell who your true friends are! The ones who love you no matter what are the keepers, and Lee Hong Ki proves that he is certainly a friend for life. 

The platonic pair, who are both 26 years-old, haven't acted in a K-drama together since the 2009 SBS series You're Beautiful. Seven years is way too long for their fandoms to wait! I hope they consider collaborating on a new K-drama or movie in 2017.

You loved their chemistry in You're Beautiful and Lee Hong Ki's 2015 music video "Insensible", what type of project would you love to see them star in together in 2017? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Lee Hong Ki's Instagram


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