The new K-drama Bride of the Century is coming soon exclusively to DramaFever, and the male lead, Lee Hong Ki, has a special message for his fans. Be warned, this video will melt your little fangirl heart and bring back pleasant, or unpleasant, (depending on which couple you were shipping) memories of when Lee Hong Ki played the hilarious Jeremy in You're Beautiful.

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It was so sweet of him to speak English to all of his English-speaking fans! And how cute was his little "Yeah! Yea-uh!" at the end? Pretty much the cutest ever.

Plus, here is an adorable collage comparing little Lee Hong Ki to big Lee Hong Ki that he posted on his twitter, @skullhong, using stills from the clip. He asks, 나름잘큰건가 "Did I grow up well?" I think the answer is "Yes!"

Not much has changed! Still a baby-faced sweetheart.

In the fairytale-like melodrama Bride of the Century, Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hong Ki) is the cold heir of one of Korea’s most powerful conglomerates, Taeyang Corporation. He is engaged to an eligible young lady from a small southern island, Doo Rim (Yang Jin Sung), but there’s just one problem: the first bride of the family’s first son is always cursed to die. The curse began 100 years ago when the bride of the family’s first son had a tragic death. Suddenly, before the wedding, Doo Rim disappears and the company conspires to replace her with a look-alike, Yi Hyun (also played by Yang Jin Sung), who has a sinister scheme of her own.

I can't wait to see more of the adorableness that is Lee Hong Ki in Bride of the Century exclusively on DramaFever! Make sure to sign up HERE for new episode alerts.