Ever since his debut, Lee Hong Ki has always listed Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Gyo as his ideal type. Hong Ki recently posted a photo on Instagram of himself hugging a Song Hye Gyo pillow, confirming that his love for her is still going strong. Then again, who can blame him?

He posted the following photo with the caption, "I recently changed my room fragrance. #Mamonde #OrientalFlowerGarden #ThePowerOfFlowersToYou #Snoring #Hangover"

Hong Ki has stated in numerous interviews over the years that he really admires Song Hye Gyo. At a fan meeting in China in 2014, fans gifted Hong Ki with the pillow pictured above. As you can see from the photos below, he really likes his Song Hye gyo pillow! He even decided to take it with him to dinner after the fan meeting finished.

Are you surprised Hong Ki is a huge fan of Song Hye Gyo? What do you think of his pillow? Share your thoughts below!


Descendants of the Sun

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