74730525 Is this the look for Spring? Mehhhhhhh-be. Lee Hong Ki is getting experimental for the May issue of CeCi, pairing a denim blazer and denim shorts with pastel sneaks. Love it? Hate it? We can't decide. But one thing we are sure of is this boy is absolutely adorable. Whether in hats, leopard print shoes, or a onesie—yes, a onesie—he manages to pull off chaos in a way we can certainly get into. Check out some of his wacky patterns below: 01_zps40e3ef12.jpg~original 03_zps6b84f029.jpg~original 04_zpse0c83248.jpg~original 02_zps2dc4a7d1.jpg~original   05_zps8c5b5742.jpg~original   06_zps8b570b5e.jpg~original We want to know your favorite look AND why.  Tell us!