What's going on with Modern Farmer star Lee Hong Ki? That's the question on everyone's mind after he posted two strange messages on Instagram on October 22. The first message was short and simple and read: "It will break out soon. Are you doing your job right?"

Following that, he posted a photo of one of FTISLAND's posters from Japan along with this message: "You tell me that I've changed. That painful word changes me. These days when I feel like I've become most like human...That word changes me. An apology for each others mistakes... To me it seems natural but you... you don't say anything. My Heart aches today." 

The photo Hong Ki posted along with the original messages:

(Photo Credit: mwave via Lee Hong Ki)

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Both messages were since deleted, no one knows what they mean, and there has yet to be an update about it. Just taking a guess and speculating, maybe he's having some sort of issue with one of the group members. That's all I got out of it, how about you? What do you think Hong Ki could be referring to?

But since we're stuck guessing for now, we might as well stay positive and enjoy him in his current role in the new K-drama Modern Farmer, which you can view here

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE