wegotmarried2 FT Island's Lee Hong Ki recites a "Hong Ki manual" explaining the ways to "use" him on the recent episode of We Got Married Global Edition. In front of his new wife, Fujii Mina, Hong Ki explained himself prior to officially starting their married life. After asking Fujii Mina to love him more than he loves himself, he said, "Your confident physical affection is always welcome. Please do them without hesitation." Hong Ki also added that he favors skull prints and asked to have a couples skull necklace. In addition, Hong Ki revealed that he has a lot of hair and pleaded, "Don't make fun of my hair." When he was asked where he has a lot of hair, the idol singer answered, "My legs." What would you like to put in your manual for your future husband or wife? (Source: http://www.news.sportsseoul.com)