hongki nail

Lee Hong Ki's Nail Book has been released, and it's sure to break records! The pre-sales alone caused the book to take the top spots on the Tower Records book and magazine charts. Besides rocking out with FT ISLAND, Hong Ki has been busy creating a book all about nail art. Hong Ki is no stranger to nail art; he actually spends $45,000 a year on it. This hobby of his is to be taken seriously, and he's using this book to show his love and appreciation for the art. Nail Book is available in both Korean and Japanese, and includes 144 pages of Hong Ki's stories and insight on nail art. There's even a limited edition book available only in Korea that includes a box of nail art goodies! The book is now available and is being sold by online book retailers. I personally need to message one of my friends in Korea and have them pick me up that limited edition copy! I really want the box of nail art supplies! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via mwave.interest.me)