On Dec 17th of last year, we delivered news that FTISLAND member and actor Lee Hong Ki suffered from a fall he sustained while leaving a restaurant. Lee Hong Ki slipped on a patch of ice and fell, resulting in a dislocated shoulder and fractures to his face. Fortunately, now he has come back in good health to shoot on the set of the new K-drama Bride of the Century, which will air exclusively on DramaFever next month. To celebrate his return, Lee Hong Ki shared behind the scenes photos from the first shoot along with a special message.

"Hi, I am Lee Hong Ki from FT Island.

I think it’s a little bit late to say ‘Happy New Year,’ but I wish you a 2014 filled with happiness. I have come back in good health to the drama Bride of the Century’s set. I want to thank you again through this interview for your concern and support. I really appreciate it. Bride of the Century is going to be aired in February 2014, so I will do my best and work hard. And now, I will reveal some pictures of my first shooting to you guys!

(Please wait for more photos a little bit longer, which were taken during the drama poster shooting. They will be released soon. You can see me in a great suit, but also our main female lead, Yang Jin Sung, in beautiful dresses.)

After I read the script, I dyed my blond hair black to get an urban look and a cold image because Choi Kang Joo, who I play in Bride of the Century, is a perfect heir who is cold-hearted and rational. How is it? Does it looks nice on me?

Once a shooting starts, I control my facial expression and emotion as a cold-hearted man in a city like this. Beady eyes don’t fit for this character. A poker face with an icy stare! Don’t you miss playful Lee Hong Ki? kkk

Tada~ kkkkk. When cameras are out, I smile again like this. However, the weather is too cold to wear only a suit during the shooting ㅠ.ㅠ

Even though I tried to make my body warm with a thick padded jacket, this winter is really cold. I try to get warmed up while focusing on the character.

However, when I stand in front of a camera without the jacket, it is too cold… so my face becomes funny. Ahhhhhhㅠ.ㅠ My hands and face are completely frozen…. Woo…I am supposed to be a cold man in a city, but I become poor(?).

BUT! Once the shooting starts, I need to change back into character again! How do I look?

Forgetting this cold weather, and getting into the character! Sung Hyunk, who has charisma, has a confrontation with me in the picture and we are going to have a fiery battle in the drama. Can’t you see the disquieting atmosphere by just looking at this picture? kk

Choi Kang Joo, who I play, and Jang Yi Hyunn, who Sung Hyuk plays in the drama, both are cold, charismatic characters, so the cold air blows in this picture. Can you feel it?

Here is the reverse side ~ that we are actually close to each other after turning off the camera!

Before now I showed you these natural behind the scenes pictures. The shooting has come in earnest, and I will show you stills from my scenes. You can see my three steps to becoming a cynical successor of one of Korea’s most powerful conglomerates, Taeyang Corporation, and some points that I paid attention to in each scene.

When I said,'What did you say?' I lifted one corner of my mouth, and stood upright.

Becoming cynical Choi Gang Joo Step 1: Stand upright with relaxed shoulders and a closed mouth~lift one corner of your mouth so you naturally crinkle one eye.

Keep concentrating on this feeling, and go go!

Becoming cynical Choi Gang Joo Step 2: When cameras film a full length, have arms down and glued to your sides. Not losing this upright posture is the point. Tilt your head a little bit.

It is time to look back, and express charisma through your eyes! Don’t think about the cold, even though the weather is freezing.

Becoming cynical Choi Gang Joo Step 3: At this moment, a point is to twist your neck a little bit without any posture change of your hands and arms. Never smile, and apply a strain to the area between your eyebrows!

You've now seen the pictures from my first shooting of the drama Bride of the Century. I hope you enjoyed it! I will do my best to show you a great drama by shooting it hard. I hope you will tune in Bride of the Century! Thank you. I wish you a great new year!"

(Source : Star Cast)

The K-drama Bride of the Century is a fairytale-like melodrama starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung. The heir Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hong Ki) is engaged to an eligible young lady from a small southern island, Doo Rim (Yang Jin Sung), but there’s just one problem: the first bride of the family’s first son is always cursed to die. Suddenly, before the wedding, Doo Rim disappears and a lookalike, Yi Hyun (also played by Yang Jin Sung), who may have suspicious motives of her own, replaces her.

The curse attached to the family’s first son seems really interesting. I can't wait to watch this drama soon on DramaFever! Make sure to sign up HERE for new episode alerts.