Are you also impatiently waiting for Lee Hong Ki's new K-drama Bride of the Century, which will air exclusively on DramaFever? I am! Its premiere date is confirmed as February 22nd in Korea. Last time, Lee Hong Ki shared behind the scenes photos to celebrate his arrival on set, and now he is disclosing information about an important character in the drama. Are you curious who it is? Here's Lee Hong Ki's dairy of Bride of The Century, including photos of a cute kitten in his arms!

"Hi, I am Lee Hong Ki from FT ISLAND. Did you have a happy New Year holiday with your family and people you love? I am busy shooting TV Chosun’s drama Bride of The Century, which marks my return to the small screen in February.

The character I play in this drama is Choi Kang Joo, who is a perfect and temperamental successor. It is a hard schedule in the cold weather, but the cast and staff have the best team work so we are shooting the drama hard in an enjoyable mood so we forget the cold. Please look forward to our drama which will premiere on February 22! I will also do my best to be a wonderful Choi Kang Joo till the end. I am going to reveal our shooting set that is always filled with laughter ~ rat-a-tat-tat!

We have only a few days left until the premiere, so shooting starts in the early morning, and a must-have item on set in the cold weather is a hand warmer. When I hold it in my hands, I have nothing to envy in this world^^ It’s so warm very very~ KK do you see? An enormous grin spreading across my face because of the heat…

It took a short time to make my body warm with a thick jumper and a hand warmer. When a camera’s light turns on I have to pretend that it’s not cold even though I am only in a suit KKK. That face that never knows what cold is! I seem to be a cold cynical Choi Kang Joo~ my role in the drama is a rational character so I am always thinking carefully about many details like the fashion and postures to show the character’s personality.

I think that having communication before shooting is more important than the actual shooting in front of cameras, so I also try to share opinions with the staff religiously to get nicer cuts~

All the staff and cast members have fighting spirits, so I can’t even skip just one tiny thing for more perfect scenes. I listen to everything carefully~ again and again~

After exchanging opinions enough, I monitor scenes that I have just shot. I monitor my acting critically like a hawk, and I start to prepare to take better cuts!

Many people are working hard for this drama, and perspiring for one scene. Camera directors and lighting directors fight heavy devices to shoot me better in frames~ Am I showing the best face angle? KKK

Hong Ki meeting a kitten? KK I really like puppies and kittens so I have mine at home. This is a picture that shows me being very happy to meet a cat on the set. The Kitten is so cute..T-T

A picture with the kitten! Even though the kitten is looking somewhere else, but the kitten is in my hands~! This kitten takes a very important role in Bride of The Century. Look forward to seeing what great things the kitten can do ~

When I take a break time for a moment, I draw the next scenes in my head. I also draw the flow of human traffic in mind, and think about lines~ thoughts about this and that. When the cue sign interrupts my train of thought, I go in front of a camera interestingly.

“I am ready~” a director cues the actors and now the next scene is going to start~ I am a cheerful Lee Hong Ki in a picture where I am wearing a thick jumper, but once I take it off,

I change into cynical + cold Choi Kang Joo like this ~ Why am I wearing this suit so neatly? Aren’t you curious who I am going to meet? It will be disclosed soon!! Wait a second~

Yes, Yes it is ~ there is the scene with Yang Jin Sung who takes the main female role in Bride of The Century. We are controlling our feelings to get the scene filled with a cold mood and a serious look. Me holding Yang Jin Sung’s arm-can you feel the serious atmosphere?

There are extreme confrontations (?) between characters in other scenes-my eyes shoot the beam. Do I look scary? It seems that we are showing suspenseful acting, but acting is just acting!

Actually, our shooting set’s atmosphere is harmonious and happy. That scene will be a suspenseful moment when you watch it on TV~ However, once the camera is turned off, we are all smiling like this.

Tada~ I will finish this dairy with a last picture where I am concentrating on the character’s feeling. Do you want to know why I frown? Soon, Soon! Everything about the successor Choi Kang Joo’s story will be revealed.

Please wait for Bride of The Century which I'm starring in as Choi Kang Joo! I was born in the year of the horse and I will run hard for the year of the blue horse, 2014!

I wish you a Happy New Year, and for only good things happen to you ;)

To me, Lee Hong Ki is cuter than the kitten! He is always cheerful and bright, and he makes other people happy. I hope that his new drama's premiere will succeed in stealing viewers' hearts.