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On the SBS show Thank You, Lee Hyo Ri revealed some intimate facts about her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon. She said that her boyfriend was called a "beast" by the media, and his mother is pretty upset about it. Lee Hyo Ri said:

“After our relationship became news, we’ve been called Beauty & the Beast by the media, and Sang Soon was upset about it … I thought he’s someone who wouldn’t care about it, but he said since he’s ugly, it’s no problem. But more than anything else, his mother cried because of this. It’s nice to have open relationship (to the media). It’s comfortable to go to any places and to take photos.”

MC Cha In Pyo asked Lee Sang Soon if he ever wanted to tell people that “my girlfriend is Lee Hyo Ri” which is the dream of all men, Lee Sang Soon answered: “I only told my close friends about it. I was afraid to tell other people. I was worried that it would spread.” He also added “Lee Hyo Ri asked me to date.”

When they were asked if they have nicknames for each other, Lee Sang Soon said “Because I can’t call her Hyo Ri, I call her dog poop. Her contact on my cell phone is also dog poop.” And Lee Hyo Ri calls him “ho-ni” like honey.