leehyori_leesangsoon2 Singer Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are to hold a September wedding! Adding on to the array of celebrity couples breaking up and getting hitched, long-term power couple Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are to tie the knot as well. According to an entertainment agency representative, the couple's marriage was something that everyone was expecting and they have just recently made wedding invitations. Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have been together since 2011. Close acquaintances as well as viewers were very well aware of their budding relationship especially as Lee Hyori started talking about the relationship during talk shows. Just last month when Hyori appeared on SBS Thank You, she said, "I can't say that I will (marry). But if I do get married, I want to do it with Sang Soon." Lee Sang Soon also reciprocated the love as he also appeared in Thank You and commented, "Lee Hyori is too good for me. There wasn't a moment when I didn't like or thought she was a pest." Congratulations you two! (Source: Nate)