Lee Hyori Singer Lee Hyori stated the reason why she won’t appear in KBS2's Happy Sunday- 2 Days 1 Night variety show. On MBC's Golden Fishery, Lee Hyori revealed that she will be regularly performing and appearing in entertainment programs. “I went on SBS's Good Sunday - Barefoot Friends because the producer of Family Outing was in charge,” the singer said. “He cried, ‘Hyori can’t you come and set the tone,’ and pleaded so I went.” But upon the question, “Which KBS show were you going to appear in?” she replied laughing, “He said, 2 Days 1 Night for KBS. I can’t go on because there’s an uncomfortable person there.” This left some viewers curious. Who could it be? Following this, MC Yoon Jong Shin commented, “There’s something uncomfortable about it as a whole, right?” Lee Hyori mentioned, “There are times occasionally while performing. If people think, ‘Why isn’t Lee Hyori appearing in that program?’ then there is a problem.” Netizens reacted to Lee Hyori’s 2 Night 1 Day with various thoughts, including: “Lee Hyori’s 2 Night 1 Day reference hits the jackpot,” and “I think I know who it may be,” as well as, “Lee Hyori’s 2 Night 1 Day reference is wild. Is Lee Sang Soon watching?” Lee Hyori is currently officially dating singer Lee Sang Soon. (source: nate news)