Singer Lee Hyori has put MBC on blast for reporting false stories about her. MBC Everyone has been gearing up for the upcoming pilot of their new show, ‘Daebak Code 777′, which will feature a segment called ‘A Day of Star’, where celebrities are followed around for a day to discover the places and stores they frequent. Lee Hyori was the first celebrity to be featured on this program. According to MBC Everyone’s press release, Hyori went hiking before stopping at a restaurant to eat some kelp kimbap. She then moved onto a brunch restaurant with a gallery, followed by a shopping trip at a jewelry store on a tree-lined street. After purchasing many articles of clothing and jewelry, Lee Hyori later ate at a restaurant that specializes in dishes with cow intestines. She was also reported to have visited a dermatology clinic to receive a procedure which involved injections that supposedly allows the skin to regenerate, allowing her skin to become as smooth as a baby’s. Seeing this press release before the airing of the show, Hyori denied the details listed, and vented her frustration on Twitter. She tweeted, “The places I frequent? Other than the jewelry shop on the tree-lined street, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of these places. Let’s not lure innocent viewers with these… I’ve never even heard of kelp kimbap, I haven’t visited that restaurant that serves cow intestines since a year ago when I stopped eating meat, I’m curious about this brunch place with a gallery, and please tell me the number of the clinic that will return my skin back to a baby’s skin~” Read more on Allkpop.