Lee Hyori is enjoying life to the fullest!

Following her whirlwind idol career, the Dancing Queen star is happily living a quiet married life. Lee Hyori is making everyone jealous of her stress-free island existence with her comments in a recent Marie Claire Korea interview. 

“Well, I’m not doing anything special. I look after my husband, take walks with my pets, eat, and just live a mundane life. Aside from diligently practicing yoga, I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary.”

The 37 year-old beauty must miss her sweet fandom just a little bit, because she is planning a big return to K-Pop next year.

Yesterday, Marie Claire announced their rare interview with the former Fin. K. L member via Instagram. Surreal images from their shoot were also released proving that she is just as fashion-forward as always. “News about Sogildaek Lee Hyori (nickname referring to her home in Sogil). She has met with Marie Claire after a long time. On Marie Claire, you may see the interview and pictorial photos of the lady who is happiest in her ordinary and mundane daily life.”

The "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" singer wed musician Lee Sang Soon in September of 2013. They held a ceremony in their Jeju Island vacation home and have lived happily on the beautiful island ever since. 

Are you looking forward to Lee Hyo Ri's return to the entertainment industry? 

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