leehyunwoo13 Lee Hyun Woo revealed his thoughts on dating publicly during a recent interview with @star1 magazine for their August issue. He said, "Of course there is the company's image and I would have to listen to my girlfriend's thoughts as well but if I have someone I really like or love, then I would want to confidently reveal it. I also think that publicly announcing it would be better for both of us." The actor also added that he would not go out of the way to announce his relationship status but if he were to be asked, then he would rather tell the truth. In addition, Lee Hyun Woo also commented, "If possible, I want to marry early. I heard that it is better to have a stable family early on. I want to become a friend-like father." leehyunwoo15 leehyunwoo14 (Source: Nate)