Only taking on his first drama role in 2005, Lee Hyun Woo hasn't been around long, but the hardworking actor has been building a name for himself as someone who is extremely versatile. Here are 6 Korean films and dramas featuring Lee Hyun Woo just in time for the premiere of The Technicians on DramaFever!

1. To The Beautiful You

As lovable goofball and soccer player Cha Eun Kyul, his character provided an extremely cute second-lead distraction for Sulli's character Gu Jae Hee. He also gave us one of the best quotes about relationships when he was questioning his sexuality in the drama: "Is it a boy? Or a girl? Who cares. They're all human..."

2. Man of Equator

Although he only played the teenage version of Uhm Tae Woong's Seon Woo, it was an important role in establishing the back story for the main character. Also, he was pretty bad ass...

3. Secretly, Greatly

Alongside Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong in this film, Hyun Woo portrayed an extremely conflicted character. This film had me on the edge of my seat with its surprise ending.

4. God of Study

This drama is a bit of the stereotypical troubled teenager storyline, but Hyun Woo's character Chan Doo was my favorite in the series.

5. Queen Seon Duk

Once again playing the younger version on an Uhm Tae Woong main character, Hyun Woo portrayed the young Kim Yoo Shin. This is arguably the best historical drama out there and is definitely worth the watch!

7. The Technicians

Alongside Kim Woo Bin and Go Chang Suk, Hyun Woo portrays a genius hacker. Rather than ruin the movie with a GIF of his character, here's an adorable set showing Woo Bin making fun of Hyun Woo after he does "Gwiyomi" at a press conference for the movie. See the trailer below:

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