Who ever said that celebrities can't be star struck by other celebrities? Lee Je Hoon may have a few hit dramas and movies like Signal and Architecture 101 under his belt, and he may be working on the highly anticipated drama Tomorrow With You with Shin Min Ah, but he's still a big fan boy at heart—a BIGBANG fan boy to be precise!

On the most recent episode of variety game show Infinity Challenge, Lee Je Hoon and G-Dragon both guest starred and had to complete an acting challenge together. At first, Lee Je Hoon looks unfazed meeting G-Dragon, but gradually he reveals just how star struck he truly is!

Wasn't it so cute and funny how Lee Je Hoon tried to play it cool, but you could tell he felt so nervous and excited deep down? And wasn't it so sweet of G-Dragon to invite him to the BIGBANG concert and give him his phone number? Looks like the beginning of a beautiful bromance! 

Watch the full episode here:


Infinity Challenge

Starring Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo

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