Lee Je Hoon (Signal) and Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus) are confirmed to play husband and wife for the upcoming fantasy rom-com drama "Tomorrow With You” (tentative title). Lee Je Hoon is set to play the lead male role after the initial offer to Lee Min Ki fell through.

In June, reports surfaced Lee Min Ki was considered to star alongside Shin Min Ah in the new tVn drama. When an alleged sexual assault charge was revealed, from which he has since been cleared of, his casting offer was let go as to not affect the series. This would have been his first drama after being discharged from mandatory military duty on August 6.

Lee Je Hoon is playing Yoo So Joon, a rich owner of a real estate company. Shin Min Ah is playing his wife, Song Ma Rin, a former child actress who grows up to become an unknown photographer. She thinks he’s perfect until after getting married when she finds out her husband’s secret dual identity as a time traveler.

The drama is directed by Oh My Ghostess director, Yoo Jae Won, and written by Beyond the Clouds writer, Heo Seong Hye. It is expected to be 100% pre-produced before its scheduled airing in early 2017.

What do you think of the pairing between Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah?

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Cover photo: Sports Hankook and OBS News


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